Amex increases credit card limit to five

Update: Although it looks like this update is being implemented, data points suggest that Amex’s systems have not been updated yet. I will update this post once we know this change is live.

Here is some potential good news if you are considering applying for an American Express card …

Amex credit card limit increased from four to five

All of the major card issuers have different restrictions when it comes to approving people for new cards. One of the main restrictions on getting approved for American Express cards is the limit on the total number of Amex credit cards you can have.

Before the pandemic, people were limited to five Amex credit cards. Then in May 2020, presumably to limit exposure given the uncertainty, that limit was lowered to four Amex credit cards.

Well, there is a positive development on this front – it is reported by Walter Credit Card as of today (Monday April 26, 2021), Amex increased the credit card limit to five.

I’m working to get official confirmation from Amex on this, but it looks like Amex reps over the phone are confirming these details as well.

Which cards do not count towards Amex’s card limit?

The good news is that not all Amex cards count towards the five credit card limit. Typically, personal and business cards count towards the limit, with the exception of the following:

Why are these cards excluded? Historically, they were known as charge cards, which meant there was no pre-set spending limit and you couldn’t fund charges consistently. However, these days these are all hybrid cards, as the fee financing option is now more consistently available.

More importantly, these cards do not count towards the five credit card limit with Amex.

At the end of the line

American Express has reportedly increased its credit card limit to five. Before the pandemic, the limit was five, then it was lowered to four, and now it has been raised to five all over again. This is great news and indicates that Amex is more confident in consumer behavior, with the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us.

If anyone applies for an Amex card that brings them down to the five credit card limit, please let us know about your experience!

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