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Can you help me with an infuriating problem I have with Barclaycard? A few years ago he reduced my credit limit to £3300 which I find somewhat unnecessary given that my bills can exceed that.

I called Barclaycard and the call manager told me there was nothing they could do and the only way to increase it was through the Barclaycard app.

I’m 83, don’t do online banking, and don’t have a smartphone. I explained it, but the person didn’t move. I’ve been a Barclaycard customer for almost 50 years and I don’t see why I should download an app.

SB, Royston, Herts

Older customers of all kinds of businesses are increasingly bumping into this position, and frankly, it’s not good enough.

Barclaycard took care of the matter quickly, arranging for someone to walk you through the process. Your credit limit has now been increased.

The company says the member of staff who took the call should have informed you that it is possible to process a raise over the phone and that a call back should have been arranged.

“We spoke to this staff member to make sure he understands the correct process. We apologize for not having understood correctly the first time.

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