C-CAP Selects T. Rowe Price for New Education Savings and Financial Education Programs

The awarding of cash scholarships for higher education tuition fees has been at the heart of C-CAP’s programming since its inception 31 years ago. Each year, C-CAP organizes cooking competitions for high school students in each of its main markets: Arizona, Chicago, DC, Maryland, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey (Newark and Camden), and Philadelphia cream with prizes provided via cash and in-kind scholarships. Over the years, C-CAP has awarded $ 64 million in scholarships to thousands of well-deserving young people. In 2021, despite the pandemic, more than 100 students were awarded $ 2.3 million in scholarships and by allocating money to higher education.

To empower C-CAP cash fellows, we have partnered for the first time with a reputable financial institution to open 529 university savings accounts. This will allow our underserved students to invest using these tax-advantaged accounts and use the funds for any higher education, culinary or other expenses. These accounts will be held and controlled by the students receiving the funds, allowing them to gain practical experience to help them build their financial independence. In conjunction with this program, these students, and indeed all C-CAP students, will have the opportunity to receive a solid virtual training in financial literacy from the team of experts at T. Rowe Prize.

“We are delighted to be able to invest in our highly deserving students with funds and education savings accounts, especially as they will receive exceptional financial education training from the experts at T. Rowe Prize“said the CEO of C-CAP Tanya Steel.

“We believe in the core mission of helping young adults achieve financial independence,” says Phil korenman, Head of Individual Investors. “At T. Rowe Prize we remain committed to providing the tools and resources necessary to make important financial and investment decisions. We are thrilled to partner with C-CAP to offer our education savings plan products and expertise to help them on their education savings journey. “

About C-CAP

Long co-chaired by the chef Marcus Samuelsson, Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) is a non-profit education and workforce development organization that provides under-served adolescents a path to success through scholarships, apprenticeships and jobs in the food industry.

Each year, C-CAP provides culinary, professional and life skills to more than 20,000 middle and high school students in nine cities / regions across United States: New York City, Newark, Philadelphia cream, Camden, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Maryland and Arizona, including seven schools in the Navajo Reserve.

This 31-year-old association founded by Richard grausman strives to help promote food and social justice, as well as equity and inclusion by providing tools for professional success. Starting in colleges, we offer a culinary and wellness study program, and in high schools, we also offer an integrated approach to employment in the food sector through internships / apprenticeships, internships, mentoring, work opportunities, academic and professional advice, and more. scholarships, as well as product and food donations.

The success of our alumni, from cellar CEOs to restaurant chef-owners, is proof of our methodology. To date, we have worked with 350,000 students and awarded $ 64 million in scholarships. C-CAP has significantly transformed thousands of lives. The urgency to help these diverse communities has never been more critical. For more information, visit https://ccapinc.org.

About T. Rowe Prize

Founded in 1937, Baltimorebased at T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. is a global investment management organization with $ 1.68 trillion in assets under management at August 31, 2021. The organization offers a wide range of mutual funds, sub-advisory services and separate account management for individual and institutional investors, pension plans and financial intermediaries. The company also offers a variety of sophisticated investment planning and guidance tools. T. Rowe Price’s disciplined and risk-aware investment approach focuses on diversification, style consistency and fundamental research. For more information visit trowe inconnu or our Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook sites.


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