California Unemployment: Risk Analysts Offer ‘Numeric Lock’ Solution to EDD Fraud Problems

Michael Finney of San Francisco (KGO) -7 On Your Side has broadcast over 100 stories on EDD. He has helped so many people get a legitimate interest. Consumers have asked for his help, lawmakers have contacted him, and now the CEO of a well-known cybersecurity firm wanted to speak to Finney as well.

Haywood Talcove is CEO of LexisNexis Risk Solution, government sector. He’s seen California EDD dealing with a pandemic, and there are several things that escape him.

“I am very frustrated. We’ve been talking about fraud and government programs for over a decade, ”Haywood told Finney. “Can you imagine JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo losing money like California lost?”

Exclusive: CA lawmakers say it’s time to “fundamentally change” ESD due to delay in extending benefits.

He is not happy that EDD is sending money to scammers and withholding money because the legitimate requester may be a scammer.

One of Talcove’s main concerns is: “What you need is what each bank uses, what each financial institution uses. It’s a digital lock. It is very simple and consumer. We use the digital escapement on the left as. “

In other words, our computer’s fingerprint. He says it will take years to solve many EDD computer problems, but not all.

“Most importantly, ID is just a bolt,” Tarcove says. “The implementation literally takes about four days, costs a few million dollars, and that’s it. The crooks are leaving. You can’t go through digital locks. It’s impossible.”

7 On Your Side asked him this question, “Now your solution is for California to hire you, right?”

He replied, “There are three companies in this space, not just us. All of these companies represent almost 100% of the market share of the identification space. “

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Talcove says Equifax and Experian can do the job as well.

He then challenges the state and lets the company find out how much of the turmoil is ESD.

“We want to catch 200,000 or 300,000 recipients and show them what a scam. We have problems and we will do it today. Said Talcove.

7 On Your Side asked EDD for an interview. I confirmed the request, but nothing has been defined. 7 On your side will discuss with lawmakers to see if they will challenge LexisNexis and report back.

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California Unemployment: Risk Analysts Offer ‘Numeric Lock’ Solution to EDD Fraud Problems Source Link California Unemployment: Risk Analysts Offer ‘Numeric Lock’ Solution to EDD Fraud Problems ‘EDD

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