Circula cooperates with folding cooperates on the company’s credit card

Germany-based personnel costs platform Circulate announced the expansion of its product line through cooperation with the corporate credit card company soft.

Circula launches a corporate credit card which, in addition to integration with accounting software, also offers high limits, premium card benefits and cash back rewards. The product is already in use in a test phase by existing Circula customers and will be available to all existing and new customers in early 2022. Customers can use the Circula credit card as part of the Circula ecosystem, which offers treatment compliant expense reports and travel expenses through strategic partnerships with companies such as software company DATEV.

According to a Circula representative, the product line has been expanded to include corporate benefits with which employees can receive digital meal grants, among others. folding will act as the technical operator of the credit cards and the billing of the card is carried out in real time, so that the expenses can be transferred directly to the financial accounting. Once the test phase is complete, Circula customers can apply for a new credit card, adjust the credit limit or block a card directly in the Circula app.

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