Find out how to expect to receive a Nubank credit card limit

who uses the Nobank credit card And you want to free yourself from more restrictions to make new purchases, you can choose a simple but little-known practice: Prepay the bill. Through him, the customer can pay part or all of the amount of the expenses by means of a bank voucher or direct debit.

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In case Pay per ticket, the limit will only be available after 3 business days calculated from document processing. If the account is debited, the limit is automatically returned to the card, which may be a better option given agility.

Interested in how to edit more Limit on Nubank card? Then check out the step by step below!

How do you plan to pay your Nubank bill

per ticket

  1. Access the app nubank;
  2. Then, in the menu, go to “Credit card”;
  3. Click on the invoice you want to pay in advance;
  4. select the “Pay the bill” tab, represented by a barcode;
  5. Specify the amount of the refund of the sum you will give or leave it as is if you have paid in full;
  6. Finally, copy the barcode or send by email the boleto (PDF) to be paid in an establishment.

By account balance

  1. access to the Nubank application;
  2. select the “Account” option, which displays the amount of your balance;
  3. Then press “Pay”.
  4. Click on “Pay card bill”.
  5. Select the desired value;
  6. Finally, click Continue to confirm the process.

Importance: With a deposit, and New limit published in time. However, purchases made before the monthly spend closing date will be included in the next bill. So stay on the lookout for the best day to buy your card to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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