Logicpath Announces New Milestone Release of Award-Winning Cash Inventory Management Software, C3 Financial

ATLANTA, June 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Logical pathMT, a leader in fintech software and analytics, today announced the release of a landmark cloud-based software version for C3 Financial, Version 4.0, with new features and updates.

The logicpath team worked hard to create the latest version of the C3 Financial application. The most recent update has been developed with a focus on user experience and their needs for increased visibility into currency movement across their business. New features include an improved user interface, standing orders for ATMs, suggested ATM refills, descriptive tips, and updated reporting tools. These new updates will allow financial institutions to gain greater visibility and control over their cash supply chain while improving overall operational efficiency and resilience.

“After listening to our customers and gathering their feedback, our team updated the underlying frameworks used in the C3 Financial application to support more efficient and faster release cycles that can scale to business needs. constantly evolving financial institution, ”said David Austin, vice president of operations.

“C3 Financial Version 4 increases the visibility of a financial institution and makes cash supply chain management easier and more efficient than ever,” said Kelly macconnell, Vice-President of Client Services and Business Development. “We are delighted to bring this updated version to the market this year.”

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About logicpath
Atlanta-based logicpath provides innovative software solutions and analytics to financial institutions and is trusted by thousands of clients across United States and Canadian. C3 Financial, Logicpath’s SaaS cash forecasting and inventory management software focuses on optimizing the cash supply chain by increasing efficiency, reducing expenses and centralizing visibility of the treasury network . For more information, visit https://www.logicpath.com/.

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