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NAPLES, Florida., January 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vernon Litigation Group, based in Naples, Florida and Kristian Kraszewski, Esq. have again joined forces to file a FINRA arbitration request involving United Planners Financial Services Financial Advisor Aaron Sevigny. Our client suffered losses due to allegedly inappropriate recommendations in alternative investments. Alternative investments are high-risk products that are not suitable for retirees. To make matters worse, Mr. Sevigny sold the investments of our client GPB Capital Holdings, which the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) found was a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme that paid very high commissions to people who sold it to over 15,000 investors.

FINRA rules require United Planners to oversee what Mr. Sevigny recommends to his clients. The claim alleges that United Planners failed to stop Mr. Sevigny from selling a concentrated portfolio of alternative investments to a retiree. Further, United Planners failed to ensure that Mr. Sevigny adequately disclosed the conflict of interest associated with the sale of investments that the financial advisor personally holds. In addition, Mr. Sevigny is required to provide appropriate investment advice to all of his clients on an individualized basis. Concentrated wallets and wholesale recommendations violate industry standards.

If you have suffered unnecessary losses as a result of the advice you received from Aaron Sevigny, Contact us please. One of our securities attorneys will be happy to provide you with a free outline of any potential claims you may have regarding Mr. Sevigny’s alternative investment recommendations.

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