RedCard target review: is it right for you?

Main advantages

If you are familiar with Target, the Target RedCard â„¢ can have many valuable benefits.

5% discount on purchases

Unlike your regular cash back card, the Target RedCard â„¢ does not earn shopping rewards that you will have to redeem down the line. Instead, you’ll get 5% off your qualifying purchases when you order, both in-store and online. So if you make a purchase of $ 100, your total will drop to $ 95 when you pay with your Target RedCard â„¢. The 5% discount also applies to Starbucks outlets in Target stores, as well as various Target subscription services.

Free delivery for online orders

One of the biggest downsides to ordering online is the ridiculous fees you can pay to have your items delivered. The Target RedCard â„¢ eliminates this problem with free two-day shipping on most online purchases. There may be a minimum order amount and you will need to pay a fee if you want improved delivery. In addition, the free delivery offer does not apply to same day delivery or grocery delivery orders made through Shipt.

No annual fee

As with most store cards, the Target RedCard â„¢ is a credit card with no annual fee. This is a nice bonus, as the savings – including your 5% discount on check-out – won’t be wasted on a high annual fee. And, unlike a store card like the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card which requires a Prime membership, you won’t need to join the store’s membership program to unlock the best discounts and benefits.

Exclusive extras and extended returns

If the cardholder discount and free shipping weren’t enough of an incentive, the Target RedCard â„¢ also comes with a host of exclusive extras, including an extended cardholder return window. That’s right, you’ll have an additional 30 days to return purchases made with your Target RedCard â„¢ on top of the standard return period (other regular return rules and restrictions apply). Other exclusive extras include discounts and specials, as well as free items and the occasional giveaway.

What could be improved

When it comes to store cards, the Target RedCard â„¢ has a lot to offer. However, there are also a few drawbacks.

High APR and no introductory offer

High credit card APRs are a big downside to most store cards, and the Target RedCard â„¢ is no exception. It is certainly a bad idea – and potentially expensive – to keep a balance on your Target RedCard â„¢. You will likely get a lower (better) APR from a regular credit card (unless you have poor or limited credit). In addition, the Target RedCard â„¢ does not offer any type of introductory APR agreement, like 0% APR credit cards do. You will not get a break on your APR purchase. Use your Target RedCard â„¢ only for purchases you can redeem immediately.

Poor sign-up bonus

New cardholders will receive a one-time rebate of $ 50 on a qualifying purchase of $ 100 or more. When it comes to signup bonuses, this one doesn’t quite hold up against most regular rewards cards – or even your typical store card. The Chase Freedom Unlimited®, for example, offers a sign-up bonus of $ 200 for spending $ 500 in the first three months. And the Kohl’s payment card usually offers a 35% discount on your first card purchase, with no minimum required.

Can only be used at Target

Perhaps the most serious downside to the Target RedCard â„¢ is that it is a closed loop store card, which means it can only be used to make purchases on Target and Target. .com. Indeed, the Target RedCard â„¢ does not work on any of the main credit card networks such as Visa or Mastercard. So you can try swiping your closed loop card at another retailer, but it won’t work.

Discount does not apply to everything

As great as the 5% Target RedCard â„¢ discount may be, it has limits. The discount won’t actually apply to every target item you purchase. For example, you cannot get the 5% discount on prescriptions or over-the-counter drugstore items. This will also not apply to an eye exam or protection plan through Target Optical (although actual frames and contact lenses may be eligible). Other types of purchases that may not qualify for the discount include: gift cards, prepaid cards, shipping charges, gift wrapping services, wireless deposits, taxes and fees. delivery.

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