The Motley Fool Foundation launches April 1

With the advantage of Jennifer Gennaro Oxley leadership, the Foundation’s first partner is Ashoka, a pioneer in the field of social entrepreneurship launching The Changemaker Initiative, which will identify and support a cohort of Financial Freedom Fellows and map the landscape to better understand the pain points in the system. One of the Foundation’s first Financial Freedom Fellows, Jose Quinonez of The Mission Asset Fund, is a leading financial wellness innovator, focusing on issues of accessing credit to obtain capital for work, as well as literacy programs for the immigrant community .

Jennifer said, “We believe that together we can co-design an inclusive system and create a world where everyone has a seat at the table, and everyone benefits when our economy thrives.

There are five key factors that enable financial freedom: education, health, money, work and housing. The Motley Fool Foundation believes that when working together, people grow financially. The Foundation’s goal is to change mindsets at organizational and individual levels, working to break down barriers to enable systematic change and give more people access to short- and long-term financial resources. term, so that they have the capacity to make important life choices. .

For more information about The Motley Fool Foundation or to request interviews with Gennaro Oxley or the president of the Fool Foundation David Garnerplease contact Linda Roth at [email protected] or (202) 888-3571. Motley Fool Foundation images are available for direct download: PW=Launch.
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About the Motley Fool Foundation
The Motley Fool Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization focused on financial freedom for all, believing that together we can co-design an inclusive system and create a world where everyone benefits when the economy prosperous. Learn more about the Motley Fool Foundation online at or on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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