Trump pushes for more generous stimulus bill as Americans wait for relief

In the absence of a new stimulus deal and a recently rejected stingy proposal, the president is urging lawmakers to seriously invest in the next bailout.

Ever since a first round of stimulus checks were distributed to the public under the CARES Act, which was enacted in late March as a means of coronavirus relief, Americans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a second direct payment. But for that to happen, a formal relief bill needs to be enacted, and after months of negotiations, it still hasn’t happened.

Lawmakers spent much of the summer of 2020 haggling over a stimulus package, but ultimately failed to come to a deal that met the demands of Democrats and Republicans. Recently, Republicans introduced a simplified relief program that included do not include a follow-up cycle of direct stimulus payments. This proposal was defeated in the Senate, and while this is a good thing for the many Americans who really need that second stimulus check, it also means that lawmakers must once again get to the table and work out a bill. viable law.

But any follow-up proposal that emerges in the coming weeks could be more solid than the previous versions that Republicans have put forward. (From the start, Democrats have sought to spend significantly more money than Republicans on coronavirus aid.) In fact, on September 16, President Trump specifically urged lawmakers to adopt a more generous stimulus package. . And that could be the nudge they need to move in the right direction.

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Will Americans be in line for a bigger stimulus package?

Considering how lawmakers struggled to approve a stimulus deal, the idea of ​​passing any kind of bill is a positive development in and of itself. But Democratic lawmakers hope the president’s words will inspire Republican lawmakers to move further on a back-up plan.

In a written statement released Wednesday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said they were encouraged by the president’s directive. Meanwhile, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said he was now more optimistic about the potential of a signed deal. In fact, he said he’s been encouraged more in the past 72 hours than he has been in the past 72 days.

What will a more generous stimulus package look like?

While it is a bit too early to speculate on what exactly a “generous” stimulus deal will include, President Trump has been pushing for another round of direct stimulus payments, so there’s a good chance those will be. here make a future proposal. Given that Democratic and Republican lawmakers initially agreed to a second stimulus check, it’s not unreasonable to think that eligible Americans could supplement their savings with an additional $ 1,200 per adult and $ 500 per child, though. before the end of the year.

In addition, due to the upcoming elections, lawmakers are under a lot of pressure to move quickly on a stimulus bill. So let’s hope they heed the president’s call and approve a package that brings the relief so many Americans desperately need.

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