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(WSVN) – Talk about a hot mess. His kitchen caught fire. Her mortgage company received the check to pay for the repairs and deposited it, but then claimed she couldn’t find it, which meant she couldn’t pay the contractor. With all of these issues, she then turned to the folks in South Florida who solve the issues: Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

When you enter Haiba’s house, you don’t have to ask about his family. His collage on his wall tells it all.

Haiba Jabali: “I now have great-grandchildren. I have two great-grandmothers – they’re babies. I even have a photo of my great-grandmother.

Talking about the wall puts a spark in Haiba’s eye… but a few months ago, a spark nearly destroyed his entire house.

Haiba Jabali: “It was a pretty big fire. “

Haiba was frying the conch. She opened the door to take her dog out.

While she was there a friend called.

Haiba Jabali: “And just as quickly, I forgot that the pan was on the stove.”

By the time she returned it was almost too late.

Haiba Jabali: “Just smoke, black smoke. I had never seen a fire, first up close, let alone in my kitchen.

After dialing 911, Haiba began trying to put out the fire.

Haiba Jabali: “I just threw out the water, you know, the sink faucet, and I just sprayed, sprayed, sprayed it. I even threw in a pot of water. It was a scary thing.

Haiba put out the fire, but his kitchen was destroyed.

Haiba Jabali: “Completely. It was emptied. I didn’t have a cap.

His insurance company agreed to pay $ 92,000.

A good entrepreneur did a great job.

Haiba Jabali: “It’s just beautiful. Everyone loves nouvelle cuisine, don’t they? “

The final check from the insurance company was over $ 13,000. His lender’s service company had to approve him and then send the money to Haiba.

Haiba Jabali: “So they got it and kept it. I never sent myself the $ 13,000. It’s been almost two months now.

Haiba says she sent them the check, showing that they endorsed it and deposited it into their account.

Their response ?

Haiba Jabali: “They say they don’t know where the check is.

This means that the entrepreneur who built a kitchen that Haiba loves can’t get the $ 13,000 he is owed.

Haiba Jabali: “They might put a lien on your house, and I don’t want that to happen. “

Well, Haiba is worried that he is about to get a lien on his property because the lender won’t give him the $ 13,000. What can she do?

Howard Finkelstein, Legal Expert for 7News: “In a nutshell, a financial institution – or anyone for that matter – can’t keep someone’s money with the excuse, ‘We can’t find it. . The law calls it civilian theft, and here’s what you do: Send them a certified letter demanding that they return your money to you within 30 days. If they don’t, a judge will order them to pay three times the amount owed to you plus your attorney’s fees.

We contacted the mortgage company. They responded quickly and said they would check it out.

But two weeks later, they still hadn’t returned the money.

We then helped Haiba draft the formal notice by giving them 30 days to give him the $ 13,000.

Coincidentally, that day the money was wired to him.

Haïba Jabali: “Yes! Thanks, help me Howard. I could not believe it.

Haiba had his money and can now pay the contractors and then enjoy his brand new kitchen.

Haiba Jabali: “It wouldn’t have been possible without Help Me Howard. I am so grateful to Help Me Howard, because I had been trying for months and months to get my money.

That’s why we’re here, because helping you makes us happy. Howard spoke of a formal notice. This doesn’t apply in most cases of breach of contract, but if it’s your money, the formal notice should work.

We have an example of that if you want to read it at the end of this Help Me Howard story.

Has a problem left you on fire? Do you have the impression that people are adding fuel to the fire? Don’t let your hopes go up in smoke. Turn off the problem.

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