5 ways to limit utility bills during a heatwave

PEPCO says that even small trips with your thermostat can save a lot of money during extreme weather events.

WASHINGTON – Air conditioning in your home or apartment is the main thing that uses energy, according to DirectEnergy.com.

The National Energy Services Distributor reports that 46% of energy use in a home comes from cooling and heating.

Meanwhile, PEPCO says that even small movements with your thermostat can save a lot of money during extreme weather events.

“For every degree you increase your thermostat, this equates to a 2% decrease in your bill,” said Sean Matthews, a spokesperson for PEPCO.

PEPCO recommends the top five ways to save:

  • Reduce your air conditioning consumption, even a few degrees make the difference
  • Turn on the outdoor grill instead of cooking inside
  • Save high-energy tasks, like laundry and dishes, for later
  • Turn off lights and electronics if you are not using them
  • Close blinds or shades to help keep your home cool

Consumer experts say during heat waves, utility customers should try cooling a home at night when the air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to reach the target temperature. During the next day, guests should try to preserve as much cold air as possible by keeping windows and doors tightly closed and avoiding activities that create heat in the home.

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However, Matthews warned that that doesn’t mean turning off the air conditioning or letting the daytime conditions in the home get so hot that machines will have to work overtime to catch up, which can waste energy.

PEPCO offers customers who keep on Maximum savings days awards for participating.

The utility also offers customers a program called EnergyWise Award which rewards customers who install technology that automatically cycles an individual’s air conditioning during peak energy consumption periods to reduce demand on the system with little or no effect on home comfort.

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The company is encouraging customers in the district to participate in #JulyTakeActionDC month on social media and recommends that all DC residents visit www.ReduceEnergyUseDC.com for tips on how to save energy and how to save energy. commitment to retain if they have not yet done so. more energy and have a chance to earn a credit on your energy bill.

Consumer experts say most utilities offer similar programs and encourage customers to sign up through their provider’s website.

PEPCO reports that the peak load on its system occurred on June 30 when the utility delivered 5,712 megawatts to its 894,000 customers.

The 2020 peak load was 5,847 megawatts.

The all-time record was set in 2011 when 6,999 megawatts were consumed on a scorching July day.

Typical daily peaks for summer have been reduced over the past 10 years due to the positive effects of energy efficiency efforts and the arrival of more efficient appliances and appliances, according to PEPCO.

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