Credit Limit

How Much Should My Mortgage Compare to My Income?

How much should my mortgage be? The main thing that you and your lender should be concerned about is not the total mortgage amount. Instead, you should focus on the monthly mortgage payments and whether you can easily afford it. Lenders use your debt ratio (DTI) as a measure of …

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AdaptHealth Corp. Announces $ 300 Million Expansion of Credit Facilities to Fund Planned M&A Activities

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA – (BUSINESS WIRE) –AdaptHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: AHCO) (“AdaptHealth” or the “Company”), a national leader in providing patient-focused, technology-driven chronic disease management solutions including home health care equipment, home medical supplies and related services in the United States, announced today that it has amended its senior secured credit …

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The return of the debt limit gambit

Republicans argue that allowing a majority of senators to pass policy would fundamentally change America. They would prefer that we adhere to the traditional American values ​​of refusing to pay the debts that Congress has already incurred. Remember, this is not an old tradition. For most of American history, Congress …

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