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Minimum Merrill Edge vs Vanguard account

We’ll keep it simple here: neither Vanguard nor Merrill Edge have a minimum deposit. You read correctly. You can open a Vanguard account or a Merrill Edge account with whatever change you find between your sofa cushions.

Merrill Edge vs. Vanguard Trading Platform

If you are looking for a powerful trading platform, Merrill Edge vs. Vanguard may not give you a clear winner.

A Vanguard brokerage account is not designed for frequent traders. This makes sense given Vanguard’s roots as a broker for long-term investors who are most concerned about costs.

Vanguard uses a simple browser-based interface. Traders can easily buy stocks, options, ETFs or funds. That said, Vanguard is not the brokerage for you if you want complex stock option trades or Level II quotes. Its mobile app is good enough for placing occasional buy or sell orders. But it does not offer all the functionality of the platform. The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle Fire.

Merrill Edge offers more features with its browser-based solution. You can get streaming quotes through its watchlist feature. Merrill Edge MarketPro, its desktop platform, is a more powerful solution. You get full customization with this trading tool, plus more chart options and plenty of ways to view multiple data points on one screen. You can quickly see a stock’s P / E ratio or analyst estimates, for example.

Merrill Edge vs. Vanguard: International Equities and ADR

Before you ask Siri how to say “limit order” in Spanish, be aware that you can exchange US Certificates of Deposit (ADR) at Vanguard and Merrill Edge. If you are a trader who wants direct access to a foreign stock market, Vanguard can get you there, but they charge a fee of $ 50. Merrill Edge does not offer trading in international markets.

Most large foreign companies have an ADR that trades in the United States. Buying stocks of renowned international companies shouldn’t be a problem, no matter which brokerage firm you choose. But if you want to buy Japanese small cap stocks, you will need a broker who can help you trade on a Japanese stock exchange.

Merrill Edge and Vanguard each offer their brokerage clients a high quality trading tool and a wealth of research. Both provide a number of selection tools for stocks and individual funds. When it comes to third-party research, Vanguard customers have access to many excellent resources. They include Standard & Poor’s, Thomson Reuters, and First Call, to name a few.

Merrill Edge clients enjoy a huge advantage in the form of stock picks from Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research Analysts. Merrill Edge also offers third-party research to its customers. Merrill Edge’s “story” of many of the market’s most important stocks is a useful feature. It gives you a quick introduction to a given stock before you do your own due diligence.

When it comes to human professional help, Merrill Edge vs Vanguard are more or less on a par. In addition to the sophisticated trading advice on the website, you can access a financial advisor at either brokerage. One person’s investment advice is not free. The fees depend on how much you want help with managing. Vanguard Personal Advisor’s service fee is 0.30% of assets under management. Merrill Guided Investing service fees range from 0.45% to 0.85% of assets under management. Minimum balances apply.

Vanguard vs. Merrill Edge: the result

If you want to trade directly in international stock markets and have a preference for Vanguard funds, Vanguard might just win your heart. It easily earns its place among the best online brokers for long term investors who just want to manage a portfolio of a few index funds and ETFs.

Of course, if you are looking for low cost options or highly rated trading apps and platforms then Merrill Edge may be a better choice.

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