Mobiquity calls on Ruby Walia to strengthen its financial services business development efforts

Ruby’s appointment as Senior Advisor demonstrates Mobiquity’s desire to work with high caliber people across the world, who improve our culture and put the customer journey and experience ahead of technology for the sake of technology.

Mobiquity, a digital consulting firm that designs and delivers innovative digital products and services for the world’s leading brands, today announced that Ruby Walia will join the team starting this week as Senior Advisor for Digital Banking. Walia will support digital activation in banking and financial services in North America. This follows the company’s hiring of Howard Moore, former COO of BNP Paribas, as Senior Director of Digital Banking, further strengthening Mobiquity’s global footprint in banking and financial services.

The pandemic has forced consumers to integrate digital banking into their daily lives, making it a key goal for businesses, both in terms of strategy and execution. Digital tools not only continue to evolve, but they are also an engine to retain existing customers and attract new customers. In fact, Mobiquity found that 89% of US bank account holders use mobile banking for account management. As the majority of Americans continue to rely heavily on their mobile banks for their day-to-day needs, optimal digital efficiency remains a priority for businesses.

Walia will support Mobiquity’s efforts to continue to expand its digital banking customer base in the United States. With global clients such as Ila Bank and Bank of the Philippines, this recent appointment will help Mobiquity reach more innovative industry leaders in banking and financial services. Walia will also help Mobiquity as the company aims to establish itself as a leading leader in digital innovation and assist banks in their attempt to keep up with the changing industry landscape due to the pandemic.

“Ruby’s appointment as Senior Advisor demonstrates Mobiquity’s desire to work with high caliber people around the world, who improve our culture and put the customer journey and experience ahead of technology for the sake of technology. Said Matthew Williamson, vice president of financial services at Mobiquity. “After welcoming Howard Moore to the Mobiquity team in April, I am delighted that Ruby is joining and further strengthening our capabilities in the region. We are going to have a lot of fun while having a positive impact on accessibility to banking services in the United States. “

Prior to joining the Mobiquity team, Walia served as Executive Vice President and Head of Digital for HSBC Bank in the United States and Canada, a financial and banking services organization. He has also held positions at TD Bank, NBCUniversal, Viacom, and Dow Jones & Company. While at these companies, Walia led initiatives specializing in digital strategy, customer engagement and application development.

“I am delighted to join the Mobiquity team and look forward to strengthening business development initiatives in the financial services area,” said Walia. “With the growing need for banks to meet or exceed growing customer demands in the digital space, I am confident in Mobiquity’s ability to expand its offerings in the financial services market.”

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About Mobiquity

Mobiquity is a digital consulting company that partners with the world’s leading brands to design and deliver compelling digital products and services to their clients. Its approach balances human needs with usefully applied technology, limitless creativity with research and analysis, and agile development with strict engineering and safety standards. Mobiquity’s end-to-end services take into account all dimensions of a digital business, from marketing to IT, providing strategy, experience design, product engineering, cloud services and analytics. Mobiquity has extensive experience in creating new digital banks and new labels for our legacy Fintech and banking clients. Based on this experience, we have implemented and defined general designs, frameworks, workflows and building blocks that speed up the establishment of a new bank, ensure a short time to market market and use proven best practices.

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