Square prepares to save money, checking out

Square is said to be gearing up to provide savings and checking accounts to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), Bloomberg reported on Monday, May 24.

According to Bloomberg, signs of the plan appear in a hidden programming language in a recent update to the company’s app for Apple’s iPad and iPhone. This code refers to savings accounts in addition to checking accounts and indicates that the latter type of account will connect to the company’s current business debit card.

Additionally, the code hints that Square will set itself apart by avoiding monthly service fees and fees associated with overdrafts and minimum balances, Bloomberg reported.

Square intends to provide a half-percent interest rate for its savings account throughout this year, Bloomberg reported, citing “the language in the hidden code.” This rate would correspond to the various online savings accounts only.

In addition, funds from sales processed through Square will be instantly accessible to be used for spending in the control product, according to Bloomberg.

The timing of verification and savings deployment is not known. Bloomberg noted that the existence of the accounts in the application programming language could show that a release is slated for soon.

Square refers to new offerings like “Square Savings” and “Square Checking,” Bloomberg reported, citing the code.

“Our bank, Square Financial Services, began operations in March,” Square noted in a statement, per Bloomberg. “We’ve been saying for a long time that its focus will be on providing loan and deposit products to businesses.”

However, Square would not comment on the programming language of the company’s app, according to Bloomberg, who reported that Square has so far focused on SME lending.

Bloomberg also warned that product details could change ahead of deployment.

As PYMNTS previously reported, Square Financial Services, Square’s state-chartered industrial bank, operates in Utah. This branch of financial services will provide banking services such as deposits. Early forays will focus on serving the company’s small business network that already runs on Square’s payment processing platform.



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